Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of 100% permanent hair removal.

Not only is electrolysis the only approved method of hair removal, it is also a wonderful compliment to laser hair reduction. For the hairs that are smaller in diameter and lighter in color laser will not be effective. This is when electrolysis comes in to finish the job. There is also laser rebound, laser rebound is a stimulation to the hair follicle creating more hair growth after laser treatments. Laser rebound is rare but when it does happen the results can be devastating. Then there are those of us who were born with light colored hair and laser fails to remove any unwanted hair. That's when electrolysis provides the technology that will permanently remove unsightly hair.

The cutting edge of electrolysis technology has been proven to destroy the blood flow and the cell matrix to the hair faster and with more comfort for the client. That is why I am using the Apilus xCell Pro 27.12 MHz Epilator. Welcome to the 21 century of electrolysis, nothing but the best will do because continual improvement is what we are all about.